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correct perception of the line of aim (sightright)








The student will experience immediately that the Sightright-approach makes sense. It feels right and natural; firstly as the explanation to many encountered problems, secondly as the solution.  But as working on alignment (more than on delivery) breaks into your pre-shot routine, for a period of time (3 - 30 weeks) the student can find himself lost at times. But the upside rapidly starts to outweigh the temporary downside by a landslide.

  • Ball-striking will become more pure.

  • The difference between pocketing to the left or to the right, or with left- or with right spin will diminish.

  • Bad days will not be as bad where you feel totally lost out there.

We see different champions use different kinds of deliveries. Some are more compact, some are more fluent. Some are more precise, some are more powerful.Working with players I will recognize a players' natural disposition and make sure to stay within one's bandwidth. I believe in gradual progress, step by step, so I will definitely not bombard the player with a protocol of requirements.Where the pre-shot routine is more explicit and more consciously done, the delivery really needs to become and stay as subconscious as possible.

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