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Since 2007 I have become even more of a student of the game, more than I had been as a player. I felt that unlike for the player, more knowledge and analysis always helps the trainer or commentator. The next challenge then is to know how to moderate the use thereof; quality over quantity. That is an ongoing process ;)

Throughout the years I have strived to extend and deepen my knowledge; about technique, the database of shots and solutions but also and possibly the most important...coaching. With that I mean the interactive process to heighten one's effectivity by establishing a higher level of awareness and confidence. In whatever training I give, my main goal is to spike the learning curve of the participants. By creating more insight in the process of development, the value of feedback is stronger. The learning curve spikes and consequentially confidence in the process strengthens.


Albin Ouschan

Niels Feijen

Joshua Filler

Jayson Shaw

"I find Alex funny and calm and an awesome motivator and coach. With his incredible knowledge from all different kinds of disciplines he has the tools and drills for every player"

"Alex is one of the most creative trainers on the circuit. With a knowledge of second to none, he mixes great drills and single shots into an excellent mixture to present exciting trainings"

"Alex is honest and funny and i always enjoy working with him"

"An amazing coach, high level for players of all levels. He loves pool"

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